Beating Cancer with Nutrition Book

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Beating Cancer with Nutrition Book

There is a mysterious yet irreplaceable force in all of life that “knows” how to heal itself.  The broken bone, the scab on your arm, the babeing made in that woman’s uterus, the ability of children to regenerate a severed fingertip–all tell us that Nature has an incredible plan for good health and long life.  But only if those same natural forces within us have been given the raw building blocks of physical nutrients and metaphysical  thoughts and feelings, plus relative freedom from toxic blockages.

In Beating Cancer with Nutrition, learn how nutrition helps to nourish the “non-specific host defense mechanisms” in the human body that allow us to prevent and sometimes reverse illness.


Unsolicited Praise for Dr. Quillin’s Beating Cancer with Nutrition Book

Praise for Beating Cancer with Nutrition
from Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling

“It is not enough for a cancer patient to receive appropriate conventional therapy for his or her disease. To improve quality and quantity of life, a regimen of good nutrition is essential. Dr. Quillin’s book should be of value to every cancer patient.” –Linus Pauling, PhD, twice Nobel laureate, pioneer in nutrition for cancer patients

Unsolicited Praise from Readers of Beating Cancer with Nutrition

“…I love this book…Thank you for this book!!!” –L.S.

“Your book has been my guideline for the past 16 months. A recent visit to my urologist revealed a PSA of 0.4 (125% reduction). Also, he was unable to feel any tumor. Beating prostate cancer in 16 months is a tribute to your nutritional approach.” –L.A.
“I’ve used Beating Cancer with Nutrition like a bible. I’ve learned many things since my original diagnosis, but your book has been one of the greatest helps.” S.R.

“I have purchased and read your book with great interest and gratitude, as it is impeccably researched and written.” –B.P.

“Just wanted to let you know that my wife is doing great. She was diagnosed in August with invasive ductal carcinoma, with node involvement. After 4 rounds of chemo her lymph nodes were clean — 100%! We’re pretty sure that the supplements you recommended had a lot to do with her positive outcome. Just wanted to say thank you for all of your books — they’ve really been the foundation for her treatment program, and, we feel anyway, the reason for her positive response.” –G.W.

“Thank you for all your help in your terrific book.” –M.O.

“Your book is great. I have survived 6 1/2 years (ovarian cancer stage III) and, with the help of a naturopath, have been taking supplements and taking care with my diet. Your strategies have now been added to my arsenal of defense tools.” –C.L.

“Your book Beating Cancer with Nutrition became our nutritional bible in fighting multiple myeloma. The dragon-slayer drink into which we add nutritional supplements has made pill-taking much easier. I am a survivor.” –R.F.

“Your recipes in the book are delicious!” –H.M.

“Your book was outstanding. I thought I knew a lot, but I learned a lot more from you. I don’t expect to ‘hear’ from my own cancer again.” –E.H.

“In August 98 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. After reading your book I started up a series of changes in my life style. After orchiectomy was done I decided not to go under chemo and followed instead a natural approach. I am doing pretty well. I already had a metastasis in the retroperitoneal area and this tumor has been decreased drastically.” –J.S.

“My husband was diagnosed this year with eye malignant melanoma that has now metastasized on his liver. We have purchased your book and it has helped us more than any other means of information. We have devoured your book (good fiber) and refer to it all the time.” –C.F.

“First of all your book, Beating Cancer with Nutrition,is the best on the subject. We know, we’ve read them all. My wife was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in December 1999. She feels fantastic and super charged.” –K.S.

“I read your book and credit it with helping my 37 year old husband overcome non-hodgkins lymphoma which was misdiagnosed for over 6 months.” –M.K.

Selected comments on Beating Cancer with Nutrition
from Readers at

“…Anyone diagnosed with cancer or knows someone diagnosed would be smart to get this book! It is usually my gift to someone diagnosed because the sooner you read this book the better you will feel.” –( from Dover, OH, October 14, 1999

“… All of the sudden I’m not afraid of cancer anymore. I wish everyone in my family would read this book.” –A reader from Indiana, October 7, 1999

“This book provides an unbelievable amount of easy to follow recommendations for improving your response to chemotherapy and for increasing your chances at a complete remission. I cannot believe how well researched this book is….” – from Cleveland, OH, June 27, 1999

“Helped me make it through my chemo and now I feel great!!! …” –A reader from New Orleans, LA, October 26, 1998

“…I feel confident with the book because it is extensively cited. It answered many of my question about nutrition therapy with cancer. It is very empowering…” –A reader from Toronto, Canada, August 17, 1999

“This book has a lot of good information in regards to cancer. I found this book to be very helpful to me, since I have already had cancer and want to avoid recurrence. It helps to understand what is involved in cancer and treatment via nutrition….” – from Crystal, MI, July 9, 1999

“A must have for the battle against cancer…. I purchased this for my dad 3 years ago when he was diagnosed with Phase IV Lymphoma with a grave prognosis. He had this book in his hands prior to beginning chemotherapy. He totally changed his eating habits based on Patrick Quillin’s recommendations. Dad has been in remission 2 years and still follows the diet plan. … I’m thankful for this book and the Quillins. It was with this book and prayers and faith in God that I still have my dad around!” –Trina from Florida, July 13, 2000

“Provides valid useful alternatives to chemotherapy….” –A reader from NJ, USA, October 4, 1998

“…The book does a good job in offering helpful advice to improve the outcome in cancer treatment. … This book is most definitely a valuable resource.” –Dr. Lucille G. Fischer, Titusville, Florida, USA

“A nurse gave me this book to read when I first was getting through surgery with stage three breast cancer. I had loss all hope of the future …. So I picked up the book the nurse had left and didn’t want to put it down. It is one of my most treasured book now. This book gave me hope that I could do something to at least try to stay alive longer. This book is up to date information on nutrition. Easy to understand and one that can can get you on your way to healing your body to work at beating the odds. I have recommended it to close friends and they have very high praises for this book. It has self help directions it will give you a new lease on live so to speak. A must-read for anyone who has illness. Eating right can at lease build the immune system and make our quality of life better and enduring.” –Judy Snodgrass from USA

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