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2019 Featured Speaker – Dr. Patrick Quillin

Friday October 11th.

Watch this space for details.

“Hopeful” … “Inspiring” … “Eye-Opening” … “Meaningful” … “Optimistic” … “Powerful” …
These are just a few of the words last year’s attendees used to describe their experience at the inaugural event.  The 2019 event TTAC LIVE event promises to be even better.

2017 Keynote Address Speaker

Patrick Quillin Patrick Quillin patrick quillin
ImmunoPowerPatrick QuillinPatrick Quillin


What Customers are Saying About Dr. Quillin

ImmunoPower is a unique powder form nutritional supplement recently devised by Dr Patrick Quillin to maximize the cancer patient’s chances against cancer. It contains everything known to science that affects the course of the disease for the better. Its primary attractions apart from this are ease of consumption and best value for money anywhere available for a comparable regime. We would agree with Dr Quillin’s claim that it is 75% cheaper than buying all the necessary supplements individually.

After 4 years of sliding down the prostate cancer becoming bone cancer road, and having my husband so weak he could hardly get out of bed, I was looking for a miracle. I found Patrick Quillin’s book two months ago and started following his nutrition program, ordered ImmunoPower. I am now in complete remission “

21 Days to a Healthier Cancer Patient
by Dr. Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS
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