Good Vibrations of Music

All of the universe vibrates.  Some vibrations can be seen, some heard, and some neither.  There is compelling evidence that the right kind of music can enhance learning, sooth frazzled nerves, reduce pain, and possibly even speed the healing process.

Patrick Quillin

The textbook THE BIOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS OF MUSIC from the New York Academy of Sciences (volume 930, 2001) is quite revealing “Playing a musical instrument demands extensive procedural and motor learning that results in plastic reorganization of the human brain.  These plastic changes seem to include the rapid unmasking of existing connections and the establishment of new ones.  Therefore, both functional and structural changes take place in the brain of instrumentalists as they learn to cope with the demands of their activity.” (p.315)

Listen to and play music that makes you feel good.  See if good vibrations can improve your physical and mental health.

21 Days to a Healthier Cancer Patient
Dr. Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS
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